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When to Hold an Intervention

An intervention is a carefully planned event where several people gently and lovingly confront a loved one who’s struggling with an addiction. In most cases,

How to Stage an Intervention

Drug addiction and alcoholism can destroy the lives of those afflicted. However, what about loved ones, family and friends who are close to the person

Addiction & Mental Health Resources for Parents

Under the best of circumstances, raising a child can be a wonderful but challenging experience. Unfortunately, far too many parents understand the living nightmare that

Fitness & Nutrition for Mental Health

Fitness & Nutrition for People in Recovery Fitness and nutrition are both essential parts of physical and mental health. Consider the body to be a

woman cooking sober Thanksgiving dinner with her son
how to stay sober during the holidays
NFA Behavioral Health

Sober Thanksgiving

The holidays can make staying sober hard, especially if it’s your first year. You may associate holiday socializing with alcohol or other drugs, forming a

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