Drug Addiction Rehab Center

Your substance abuse problem is out of control. Still, you hesitate to enroll in a drug addiction rehab center. Why? Here’s how program participation can be the game-changer you need.

The Myth of Being in Control

Patients listening to a therapist at their drug addiction rehab centerBy definition, having an addiction means that you’re out of control. You no longer call the shots. Instead, the drug determines how you live your life, schedule your day, and spend your money. Many people think that they’re still in control of their drug use.

However, when they wake up to withdrawal symptoms, it’s clear that the substance took over. Therefore, you try to quit using on your own. You’re not yet ready to enter the NFA Behavioral Health drug addiction rehab center in New Hampshire. Instead, you throw away your drugs and decide to deal with whatever comes.

Within a few hours, you relapse. The discomfort of withdrawal is too intense. Now, you worry. Suddenly, you realize that you aren’t in control any longer.

Overcoming Your Fear of the Unknown and Entering a Drug Addiction Rehab Center

It takes about 30 days to heal. You’re afraid that you don’t have what it takes to stay that long. Most importantly, you worry that you’ll relapse again. However, clinicians at NFA Behavioral Health understand your needs.

They know what you’re feeling. Because therapists customize the drug addiction treatment in Canterbury, NH, it prepares you for the stay. You learn about addiction and how it affects your life. Moreover, you understand the dislocation theory of addiction.

Many clients believe that substance abuse is a moral failure. That’s why they don’t think that a drug addiction rehab center could help. However, once they learn that it’s a disease, they’re ready to check in. After all, a chronic medical condition calls for expert intervention.

What Goes on in Rehab?

NFA Behavioral Health is the drug addiction rehab center in New Hampshire that you can count on. Therapists routinely work with good people just like you. They know that you never meant to develop an addiction. At the same time, they also understand that you’re powerless to quit using.

That’s why we operate a 12 Step drug addiction rehab center. The immediate focus is on breaking the psychological dependency on the substance. Once we achieve this goal, the focus is on helping you maintain lifelong sobriety. The 12 Steps are the ideal program to empower you to do exactly that.

Rehab is also an opportunity to get back to a structured life. Depending on how early or late you decided to enter recovery, there’s a good chance that your life turned chaotic. A stay at the drug addiction treatment in Canterbury, NH can depend on counteracts it. We bring order and structure back to your life.

  • Common care approaches at the drug addiction rehab center include:
  • Behavioral counseling that focuses on healthy coping skills development
  • Psychotherapy as a method for managing co-occurring mental health problems such as depression or anxiety
  • Individual therapy that represents the cornerstone for your rehab experience
  • Process and cognitive behavioral therapy group therapy sessions
  • 12 Step meetings for relapse prevention
  • Holistic care, which focuses on the mind-body connection during recovery
  • Aftercare as a tool for putting into practice what you learned during rehab

More Than a Spot Fix

Rehab doesn’t just focus on the drug. Usually, there are reasons why people use. For some, it’s self-medication. They have undiagnosed mental health problems that they need to get help for.

Others struggle with traumatic experiences. They create daily triggers. Reaching for a substance that numbs them seems to make sense. However, in the long run, it turns into an addiction.

Rehab empowers you to dig deep. You discover the roots of your addiction. Because you understand how the dependency developed, you can work on disarming triggers. As a result, you better your odds of living a sober lifestyle after program graduation.

Find out today how a stay at the NFA Behavioral Health drug addiction rehab center could change your life. It’s more than therapy; it’s a way to restore you to a healthy lifestyle. Connecting with a counselor today is easy. Simply dial 866.913.7957 now.

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