Substance Abuse Treatment Center

The NFA Behavioral Health offers real solutions at its substance abuse treatment center. For example, participating in the 12 Steps is a crucial element to healing. On top of these programs, we offer a large number of treatment options and specific programs to facilitate your recovery.

NFA Behavioral Health Recovery Philosophy

Group of patients bond at a substance abuse treatment centerThe 12 step program started as a Christian program and has now developed into an interfaith phenomenon. You don’t have to belong to any religion to participate in the program. Therefore, it’s an ideal addition for our New Hampshire addiction treatment center. Even if you’re unsure about faith in the first place, you can still benefit from participating.

All of our programs are designed to allow you to work through personal and interpersonal effects of substance abuse. You have an opportunity to right wrongs and close chapters in your life. Besides that, you find ways of expressing your anger, frustration, and regrets in healthy ways. Most importantly, you focus on getting well.

Peer accountability is an essential aspect of our substance abuse treatment center as well. The same goes for peer counseling and encouragement. Of course, nobody wakes up with a chemical dependency one morning and is ready to enter the course. That’s where participation at our NH substance abuse treatment center program becomes the game changer.

Programs at NFA Behavioral Health’s Substance Abuse Treatment Center

An excellent example is group therapy. NFA Behavioral Health counselors run process groups as well as cognitive behavioral groups. During your participation, you relearn social skills. Case in point is learning how to set healthy boundaries.

Another one involves disagreeing with someone effectively and respectfully. These are the skills you practice during the sessions. Later, when you attend 12 Step meetings, these skills come into play. Because the program thrives on peer interaction, it’s essential for these abilities to be in place.

There are also other modalities that prepare you. Examples include:

  • Dialectical behavior therapy that focuses on managing intense emotions that frequently overwhelm you
  • Grief counseling for people with improperly processed losses that create triggers
  • Trauma therapy that lets you work through situations from the past that adversely affect you today
  • Dual diagnosis treatment for depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and other conditions
  • Individual talk therapy that helps you identify goals, triggers, and benchmarks for progress tracking
  • What you learn during these therapeutic approaches can become a talking point at the group meetings.

Similarly, you may understand someone else’s feedback on your comment. Now that you had a chance to talk it over with others, it makes more sense. You become an active participant in your recovery.

Looking toward Lifelong Sobriety

Abstinence from drugs or alcohol is the goal of treatment at NFA Behavioral Health. It’s why good people like you enroll in our substance abuse treatment center. You’ve seen what these substances do to you. Therefore, you want to get out from under them.

While you’re working with counselors at the New Hampshire addiction treatment center, you have confidence that you can change. But what happens after you graduate from the program? What keeps you from relapsing? Our aftercare programs can help in this regard. You continue program participation long after you graduate from NFA Behavioral Health.

The more you involve yourself in the aftercare program, the easier it is to fortify yourself against relapse. At our NH substance abuse treatment center, we make participation a condition of sober living. We know how easy it is to slip up. Therefore, we ensure that we give you the tools you need to stay the course.

Enroll in the Substance Abuse Treatment Center Program Today

You already know that you’re powerless to change the addiction that’s governing your life right now. Sign up for a spot at the NFA Behavioral Health substance abuse treatment center to turn your life around. It could be one of the most important calls you’ll ever make. Dial 866.913.7957 now.

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