Inpatient Drug Rehab Center

There are many misconceptions about what goes on inside an inpatient drug rehab center. Some people believe that rehab is all about drudgery. Others worry about the treatments. NFA Behavioral Health specialists want you to know what really goes on.

Welcome to the Serene Setting of NFA Behavioral Health

Woman speaks up at her inpatient drug rehab centerInpatient addiction treatment focuses on chemical dependency as well as its roots. For many clients, problems with stress and anxiety create triggers. Therefore, we located the NFA Behavioral Health on 17 wooded acres. This seclusion shields you from the stressors of the outside world.

Besides that, we are the inpatient drug rehab center New Hampshire trusts because of our low client-to-clinician count. This is a family-like environment. You don’t have to fight for personalized attention. It’s part of the treatment setup.

Evidence-Based and Holistic Care At An Inpatient Drug Rehab Center

What helps one person heal may not work for someone else. However, the combination of multiple evidence-based treatment approaches sets you up for success. Examples include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy that empowers you to integrate healthy coping skills in the ways feelings, thoughts, and actions communicate
  • Motivational interviewing as a tool for strengthening your resolve to enter long-term recovery
  • Experiential therapy that focuses on writing therapy and similar disciplines for reflection and self-expression
  • Dual diagnosis treatment that teaches you to manage co-occurring mental health disorders you might struggle with
  • Grief and loss therapy, which gives you the tools you need for dealing with strong emotions and unprocessed situations

Holistic therapy is another aspect of care at our inpatient drug rehab center. Because evidence-based inpatient addiction treatment only focuses on the mind, holistic modalities emphasize healing of the spirit. Substance abuse left you feeling hopeless. It isolated you.

It most likely also destroyed your self-esteem. You’re no longer as fit and healthy as you used to be. Holistic care lets you turn around. You don’t focus on the negatives any longer.

Now, you practice meditation that helps you ground yourself in the present. During yoga and breathing exercises, you reflect on your victories. In fact, our inpatient drug rehab center in New Hampshire is a very positive place. You let go of stressful and negative thoughts.

As you work on regaining your physical health, your emotional wellbeing picks up, too. You feel good about getting stronger. Most importantly, you have hope for the future.

Relapse Prevention with the 12 Steps

The NFA Behavioral Health is an inpatient drug rehab center that believes strongly in the 12 Steps. This program helped thousands overcome substance abuse and remain sober. Because nobody can predict the future, this program emphasizes peer accountability and input. After you leave the facility, you can quickly join a group near your home.

Since there are groups all across the country, you can move anywhere and still participate. It’s an excellent way of staying in touch with the recovery community. At the same time, you benefit from their support.

Now that you know what goes on at an inpatient drug rehab center, isn’t it time to check in? Your chemical dependency won’t go away on its own. Clinicians at the NFA Behavioral Health can gladly assist. Call 866.913.7957 today to verify your insurance coverage.

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