Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

A stay at the NFA Behavioral Health drug and alcohol rehab center prepares you for long-term recovery. Addiction is a chronic disease and there is no cure. However, it responds very well to the right treatment programs and services. Therefore, therapists favor a progressive care model; here’s what this looks like.

Evidence-Based Treatments are the First Stage of Recovery

People applauding at their drug and alcohol rehab centerAt the NFA Behavioral Health addiction rehab center in New Hampshire, we focus our care protocols on evidence-based modalities. These are treatments that show excellent results for good people like you. Across the nation, people successfully entered recovery by following them. Therefore, they could be uniquely qualified to help you, too.

Examples include:

  • Cognitive behavioral counseling with cognitive or dialectical behavior therapy
  • Psychotherapy as a tool for dealing with co-occurring mental health disorders
  • Group therapy for various processes and addiction education
  • Individual talk therapy as a tool for setting goals and tracking your progress
  • 12 Step program immersion to introduce you to group accountability

You actively work with therapists at our drug and alcohol rehab center to uncover the roots of your substance abuse. One by one, you deal with them. As a result, you gradually remove or manage triggers that would ordinarily cause you to abuse drugs. Most importantly, you learn about possible stressors that could create triggers in the future.

Another aspect of your stay at our NH drug and alcohol rehab center is a holistic care approach. Mind, body, and spirit need to heal from the effects of chemical dependency. Besides that, holistic modalities such as meditation support evidence-based treatments. Because they teach you to relax, minimize anxiety, and live in the present, they encourage recovery.

The Importance of the 12 Steps

NFA Behavioral Health is a 12 Step drug and alcohol rehab center. There’s no way around the understanding that the program works. It doesn’t matter what substance you struggle with. Addiction’s a disease, and the 12 Steps offer a way to manage it.

Because the ultimate goal is life-long abstinence, the peer support of the program empowers you. There are meetings and opportunities for mentorship. Most importantly, there are groups all over the country. Even if you move, you’ll be able to continue attendance and progress.

Take Advantage of the Aftercare Program the Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center Offers

At the NFA Behavioral Health addiction rehab center in New Hampshire, we offer an active aftercare program. It helps you transition from full-time care to a gradually relaxing model of supervision. Almost all clients can benefit from moving to a sober living center. It’s an excellent opportunity to set a new course for your life.

Although many people have families to return to, some prefer to start over. This includes finding a new apartment, job, or educational opportunity. Doing it all on your own can seem overwhelming. That’s where sober living is a good option.

We operate facilities that allow you to ease your way back into the “real world.” You live with peers who are also transitioning back. Because everyone has a role, there are chores to do. Furthermore, you practice daily life skills such as budgeting, personal hygiene, and social interactions.

You continue to attend 12 Step meetings and other support groups that might assist you. Besides that, you work with an addiction therapist to determine how to meet your immediate and long-term needs. For some, this means working with a psychologist. For others, it’s instrumental to hone interviewing skills.

Life-Long Recovery

If you find situations where you need additional help, our NH drug and alcohol rehab center can assist. Many clients step down from residential treatment to an outpatient care model. It’s an ideal method for reducing the involvement at the facility while increasing exposure to daily life. When there are hiccups along the way, therapists at our drug and alcohol rehab center talk you through them.

Does the prospect of life-long sobriety sound good? You might feel hopeless right now because you don’t see a way out of the drug use. NFA Behavioral Health may be able to help you in the same way that we helped many other good people. Contact our drug and alcohol rehab center by dialing 866.913.7957 now.

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