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Schizoaffective Disorders

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, roughly 20% of American adults live with a mental health disorder. Thanks to a growing emphasis on

Acute Stress Disorder

Most people have heard about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but little is known about acute stress disorder (ASD). It is more immediate and affects twice

Somatic Symptom Disorder

It is easy for people to dismiss the idea of somatic symptom disorder as “not real.” People who have never experienced it often believe that

Kristen Bergman

Will My Social Life Change After Rehab?

One of the obstacles people worry about when getting sober is the effect it will have on their social lives. There is fear that it

Kristen Bergman

COVID-19 and Anxiety

Coping with Anxiety During Covid With COVID-19 continuing to disrupt our everyday lives, it is easy to feel anxious and worried. Just about everyone is

Kristen Bergman

Mental Health and Addiction

Mental Health and Drug Addiction Why the Two Go Hand in Hand It’s no secret that mental health issues are prevalent among people who struggle

What is an Enabler?

If you have a loved one with a substance use problem, your first instinct may be to assist them in any way possible. However, your

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