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Authored by NFA Behavioral Health    Reviewed by James Gamache    Last Updated: December 17th, 2021

James Gamache Medical Reviewer
Jim is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) and Licensed Masters Level Addictions Counselor (MLADC). He has been working in the field of mental health/addiction treatment since 1995. Jim earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services from Springfield College in 2000, and a Masters Degree in Social Work from Boston University in 2002. In 2002 Jim was hired by the Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester holding the position of Clinical Case Manager. From 2004-2019, Jim was employed at WestBridge Inc. During his time at WestBridge, Jim held the following positions; Clinician, Team Leader, Director, & Chief Operations Officer. In 2019 Jim transitioned employment to GateHouse Treatment Center as the Clinical Director for 10 months. In October of 2020 Jim transitioned to Granite Recovery Centers and is currently serving as the Senior VP of Clinical Services and Quality Assurance.

Many people choose their rehab center by using the internet or through a few phone calls. But this big decision in your life does not need to be made so hastily. NFA Behavioral Health appreciates that you put a lot of money, time, and effort into your recovery and that recovery begins with the quality of treatment you receive. So you should never hesitate to ask us for a NH drug rehab center tour.

Do I Need an NH Drug Rehab Center Tour?

When you conduct a search for a new car, you test drive that car before making the purchase. You kick the tires, look under the hood, and ask about specific performance aspects. To make this purchase without sitting in the driver’s seat would not make sense, would it?

While not everyone can take the same time and care to find their perfect fit in rehab centers, you have this right to do so. You should explore your options in every way you can, particularly for residential treatment and living at the facility. Besides, any facility that turns you down for a tour could have something to hide.

What to Look For on an NH Drug Rehab Center Tour

The NFA Behavioral Health’s NH drug rehab center tour usually starts with greeting you as new clients at the facility’s front doors. You see the admissions and intake area and gain an idea of what happens during that process. From there, you see public spaces like the dining, living, recreational, and therapy rooms. If client rooms are available, you can see what those personal living spaces look like.

All of this brings peace of mind for yourself or the loved one who will enter treatment. The walk-through takes away many fears and frees you from a long list of “what if” scenarios.

Questions to Ask on Your Rehab Visit and Tour

When you go on your NH drug rehab center tour, you have the chance to ask questions. But what questions should you ask? Below are some important points to consider discussing with your intake counselor or tour guide.

Facility Staff

Talk to any addiction treatment staff you encounter on your tour. Are they approachable and friendly? Do they seem interested in helping you make your decision about treatment? What are the rehab staff credentials, and how do they compare to others in the state?

Family Visitation

Does the rehab allow family visitation? When can these visits begin and where do they take place? Knowing these answers helps you avoid feeling isolated, whether you need treatment or you want to visit your loved one.

Daily Routine

What is the daily routine for clients in residential rehab? How much free time do they have and what can they do during that time?

Therapies and Treatment Methods

When you visit the treatment rooms or spaces, consider asking what type of therapies they offer. What results can one expect from the therapies? Are all sessions led by licensed therapists with experience in their fields?

Recreational Activities

Everyone needs recreation to feel healthy and active. This is true in rehab, as it is anywhere else. What recreational facilities, activities, or outings does the rehab provide?

A Solid Reputation for Treatment Quality in Canterbury, NH

Now that you know some questions to ask on your rehab tour, what programs and therapies should you look for in a quality treatment center? Some of these critical programs and therapies include:

In Canterbury, NH, NFA Behavioral Health offers all of the above treatment methods and programs. So request your NH drug rehab center tour or more information about rehab treatment today by calling NFA Behavioral Health at 866.913.7957 . By talking to a caring intake counselor in Canterbury, you can feel more confident in your treatment decision-making. You can also relax and look forward to your treatment and the beginning of your new life in recovery.

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