About NFA Behavioral Health

Addiction treatment is by no means an exact science. People are unique, and this makes their responses to treatment different as well. At NFA Behavioral Health, we provide each of our clients with treatment plans which are customizable, allowing us to focus on your exact needs. These flexible treatment plans are a crucial component of your success. For example, if you’re uncomfortable in groups, then we can focus your therapies on individual settings. If you enjoy the outdoors, then we can provide programs with multiple experiential therapy options. If there is one thing people love about NFA Behavioral Health, it is our ability to deliver genuine and personal addiction solutions.

Man telling clients all about NFA Behavioral HealthAbout NFA Behavioral Health

NFA Behavioral Health is a 20-bed inpatient treatment facility nestled in the New Hampshire countryside town of Canterbury. Our welcoming center can guide you through every phase of addiction treatment following detox. Sitting on an idyllic, 17-acre location, NFA Behavioral Health provides a well-rounded recovery environment to our patients. Clinical therapies offer healing for your physical symptoms, while holistic options work to mend your mental and emotional state.

Why We Use The 12 Step Program at NFA Behavioral Health

Another unique facet clients appreciate about NFA Behavioral Health is our 12 step centered drug rehab programs. The 12 Step program is one of America’s most well known and trusted addiction recovery methods. Its original intention was to be a form of a self-help group for those in recovery from alcohol addiction. Today, there are numerous groups covering a full range of addictions. The programs are based on a progression of 12 different steps which help you to accept your addiction and take proactive steps to maintain your sobriety.

Early 12 step programs incorporated a spiritual or religious aspect. However, many of today’s 12 step programs are no longer based solely on that facet. What you’ll find out about NFA Behavioral Health is our 12 step-based programs do not force you to conform to any particular ideology.

Multiple Treatment Options So You Can Find Your Best Fit

In order to ensure our treatment is effective for every client, we emphasize the adaptability of our services. At NFA Behavioral Health, we pride ourselves on providing a fulfilling recovery program. For this reason, our treatments are available on a variety of levels of care, including:

These varying levels of care ensure that you get the best, most effective medical treatment for your condition. On top of this, we also strive to provide a variety of both clinical and holistic therapy options. For example, these can include:

What We’re About at NFA Behavioral Health

Our philosophy at NFA Behavioral Health is that an abstinence-based rehab program, utilizing the 12 steps as well as holistic therapies, can create a fulfilling and revitalizing recovery for our clients. Find out for yourself the difference that a custom program in a caring facility can make in your struggle against addiction. Whether you need an intensive, long-term recovery or something on the shorter side, you can find exactly what you need at NFA Behavioral Health.

Our location in rural New Hampshire provides the perfect degree of seclusion for recovery and accessibility for travel purposes, and it’s for this very reason that we attract clients from all over New England. There are so many reasons to be excited about NFA Behavioral Health. Come see for yourself the serene recovery you can find here. Call us at 866.913.7957 today to learn more and to enroll in our life-changing addiction treatment services!

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